All Good Things... Must Come to an End

It’s with a deep sense of regret that I must inform you that the Retro Wreck Room subscription service will cease operations at the end of this month.

Our team has spent the last year building a gaming subscription service that I believe is second to none. We wanted to give our subscribers a unique and fun experience each month. To that end, we accomplished our goal. We’re proud of each RWR box that we shipped out because we always focused on you – the gamer. Inside of each black bag was a game that was meticulously cleaned, tested, and selected to match each subscriber’s preferences. Many of those games were popular titles of their day or hard-to-find cult favorites. We never wanted to skimp on the quality of the games included in a box.

Unfortunately, that is the reason why we’ll have to discontinue the service. One of the major suppliers of Retro Wreck Room’s inventory has shifted away from the sale of retro games. Without this business relationship, it’s no longer viable for us to maintain an adequate supply of in-demand games. And we simply refuse to compromise the quality of our boxes by filling them with games that don’t meet our standards. We’d rather leave on a high note than jeopardize our relationship with our subscribers and disappoint you.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the members of the Retro Wreck Room team for their hard work and dedication. They poured their hearts into making this business a success. I’d also like to thank you – our subscribers. We are so grateful for your willingness to sign up and join our subscription service. Many of you also helped spread the word about our service on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms like personal blogs. Your support has meant so much.

With all that being said, here is some important information:

For new subscribers who joined since July 1st 2019 – You will still receive your August Retro Wreck Room box. However, there will not be subsequent boxes.

For subscribers who joined before that period and have already received a box in prior months – You will not be charged on August 1st for the August Retro Wreck Room box and you will not receive an August box.

Once again, thank you for your patronage and support. I hope you have enjoyed the experience and encourage you to visit our website in the coming days and weeks. We’ll be selling our remaining inventory of games, accessories, and consoles directly on the site. Future inventory will also be made available online as well.


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