Bio Freaks
Bio Freaks

Bio Freaks

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  • Condition: Good
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Release Year: 1998
  • Region Code: NTSC
  • ESRB: Mature

The future is now...

America and her government are in ruins after the techno-industrial civil wars. Technology has spiraled out of control, spawning a new breed of citizens, the Bio Freaks.

Choose from 8 Freaks. Each is armed for battle with his or her own deadly arsenal, including pulse lasers, grenade launchers, stun guns, swords, and machine guns.

Battle in three story, multi-tiered arenas! Watch out for hazards such as lavapits, meat grinders, and spinning blades.

Battle alone or against a buddy in an unbelievable 3D world of color, graphics, animation, and sound!

You're in 3D space - move your fighter in any direction. Fly around the levels using jet packs and make your moves while hovering!