Funtastic Jungle Green N64 System

Funtastic Jungle Green N64 System

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Comes with console, matching controller, AV cable, & power cord

  • Condition: Good
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Model No.: NUS-001
  • Type: Console
  • Release Year: 1996
  • Discontinued: 2002
  • Region Code: NTSC

Experience a quantum leap in graphics realism with the Nintendo 64 System. Real-time rendering and awesome anti-aliased graphics create a heart-pumping virtual gaming world!

Experience more freedom, adventure, power, and fun!

The Nintendo 64 has unsurpassed 64-bit 3D graphics with CD quality sound and awesome running speed. The Nintendo 64 controller is revolutionary with unprecedented precise motion and 360 degree game movement. This gives you complete control!

This is a special edition console, which includes the Jungle Green Nintendo 64 Control Deck, matching Jungle Green controller, AC power supply, and AV cable.